Analog Extracts

Original, raw analog sounds.

VST Plugin

Analog Extracts is a sample pack with 100% original, freshly squeezed analog synth sounds. Have a listen:

These samples just sound different. Through a series of wild jam sessions, we've managed to create a range of sounds you've never quite heard before, and we're proud to offer these analog modular sounds exclusively through Oscillicious.

Exclusive Bonus: VST and AU Plug-in

Analog Extracts includes a bonus VST and Audio Units plug-in that instantly transforms each sample into an instrument mapped to the entire keyboard. The built-in preset browser lets you preview and audition each sample quickly. Compatible with any VST or AU host, no sampler required.

Full Feature List

  • 227 pure analog WAVE samples, carefully curated and tweaked to perfection, including:
    • 32 bass sounds
    • 13 gritty pad sounds
    • 63 of the most original, analog laser sounds you've ever heard
    • 28 synth lead sounds
    • 28 other assorted synth sounds
  • Analog drum samples:
    • 35 snapping snare sounds
    • 28 analog drum kicks
  • 91 megabytes of industry-standard WAVE samples (16-bit, 44.1 KHz stereo)
  • Bonus VST and AU plug-in - 32 and 64-bit!
    • Includes presets for each individual bass, lead, laser, pads, kicks, snares, and several drum kits.
    • Windows: VST plug-in requires Windows XP
Note: Mac OS X support was discontinued in August 2019. Downloads for the Mac version of Analog Extracts (32/64 bit VST and AU plugins) are provided for existing customers only.