Rocket Broadcaster Pro

Broadcast live to your internet radio station.

Rocket Broadcaster encodes and streams live audio to Icecast, SHOUTcast, and most online radio streaming services.

Broadcast all your audio

Rocket captures audio from other applications, including Skype, Spotify, and your automation software, so you can seamlessly mix live interviews with music.

Encoding Formats

Rocket Broadcaster can encode streaming audio as MP3, AAC, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Opus, and Ogg FLAC (lossless). Rocket is bundled with encoder templates for common configurations, but also allows you to customize the encoder settings. Bitrates ranging from 16 to 320 kbps are supported.


Rocket Broadcaster works with all streaming providers using Icecast, Icecast-KH, or SHOUTcast, including Live365, Airtime Pro, Radionomy, and more!


  • Capture audio from other applications
  • Microphone / Line-in capture
  • Multiple streams and encoders
  • VST Plugin Support (32-bit)
  • Streaming Diagnostic Test
  • Auto-Connect on Startup
  • Capture audio from other applications